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In order to maximize your potential, it is necessary to grow every day and follow continuous training that makes you take the best of you out.

At Emprendejoven we are dedicated to enhance alternative educational methods and to take advantage of the high-level educational contents to encourage people for constant improvement.

Why choose our learning model?

Join us at our amazing workshops in company of the best speakers that will take your skills to the next level and will make the best of you, to defy yourself and transform yourself into what you want to be.




At Emprendejoven we have been working more than 8 years with different corporate clients. Our mission is to inspire, motivate and empower human capital by encouraging their continuous self-improvement. We want you to be able to live and see your work as the way to achieve your dreams, re-enchanting you with goals and objectives for your career.

Our results tell us that we are specialists in training teams and conducting people to discover themselves and bring their maximum potential.

Why we are specialists in this area?

We are an organization that exports educational programs abroad, with offices in different regions in Chile and one in Silicon Valley, dedicated to creating high-level teaching material focused on developing people’s best socio-emotional skills to face their job, their everyday life and interpersonal relations.



Colegios privados

Colegios públicos


At Emprendejoven we have more than 8 years creating and distributing alternative educational programs over the country. We are proud to be considered national and international mentors on innovation for public and private schools, having reached more than 60 thousand students and 800 teachers in more than 150 schools.

Why work with us?

We work with the best speakers that will motivate every person at your school. Our wide experience has been awarded by Chilean Ministry of Education, and with them, we have created several alliances that have allowed us to continue innovating on educational programs.

Our educational programs have been awarded by the most prestigious international entities and we have plans to continue improving our programs supported by universities specialized in student learning assessment (Columbia and Stanford).

Publications by EJ


We have published several books to gather the main contents of our educational programs.


The experience has been tremendously positive, exceeding our own expectations by reaching a wider audience than was expected.

Our clients are eager for more