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About Us


We are a socially responsible organization with 8 years of experience in training children, adolescents and adults, reaching over 65 thousand people with our wide range of programs and products in Chile.


Our clients are from the public and private sector, and different organisms zealous for knowledge and eager to pursue a constant learning and improvement process as the foundation of their lives.


Public schools

Private schools



Nuestro Equipo

We are a multidisciplinary team eager to create the best experiences and content that take people’s potential to the next level.

Our awards

  • Methodological Certification by Fundación Chile (2010)
  • Elected as one of the 20 most important enterprises of the world by International Youth Foundation (2014)
  • Outstanding undertaking among “100 young leaders” by El Mercurio (2014)
  • 100 empresas más innovadoras de Fundación Chile (2014)
  • “Enterprise B” Certification”, socially responsible (2015)
  • (Español) Certificados como “Empresa”, socialmente responsable (2015)