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Learning by failing

“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail”.
Edwin H. Lang


Learning by playing

“The act of playing allows one to experiment and learn through action with the help of others. It is an entry to the world of signs, unprecedented languages”.
Yvette Jenger


Learning by doing

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”.


Learning by reflecting

“Reflection is the path towards immortality. Lack of reflection is the path towards death”.

We use a methodology based on experience, where failing, playing, doing and reflecting play a key role.

It is proven that significant learning processes are related to emotions. In other words, we retain better what we feel. That is why experience is the key to incorporate information and to develop skills.


This methodology uses mistakes to generate significant learning. The idea is based on the concept that error spawns creativity and self-confidence, which in turn develops resilience and tolerance to frustration.


Playing develops socioemotional skills in an effective and light-hearted way since it enhances interpersonal relations, self-discovery and comprehension of different concepts at an emotional level.


The most effective way to integrate knowledge acquired is by doing. Through doing, one uses emotions to process said knowledge, and develop self-esteem and soft skills.


It is the methodology advocates for the conceptualization of vivid learning experiences. It binds an experience or information to an individual through personal analysis and processing resulting in learning.

All these methods of learning are oriented to develop and strengthen soft skills since there is a direct relation between these skills and professional, personal and social success of every person.

In summary, we invite people to fail, play, and do without fear enjoying and taking advantage of every experience from their learning process that allows people to improve daily, will you join us?